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What makes SNS Dipping powder one of the best in the artificial nail industry

The new frenzy in the nail world is the SNS dipping powder nails. These nails do not require UV lights and it will not cause your nails any damage. They are beautiful and natural looking giving them an envious and simple look.

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OPI Nail lacquer pink flamenco – Is it as hot as what they say

OPI describes this shade as a sizzling hot pink that will “castanet” over you. The Opi nail lacquer pink flamenco is a gorgeous and bustling color that provides brightness, boldness and excitement. With a crème finish, this nail polish will leave you loving your fingers and showing off your hands all day long. Giving a gel feel, the pink flamenco seems to have a mind of its own as it dazzles over and again.

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Intensify your nail polish collection with OPI nail polish – Features and benefits

For a woman, the appearance of her hands and feet matters a lot. Nail polishes are the best way to make your hands prettier. The different shades of nail polish tend to convey different messages. It makes you feel confident and more poised. It gives you a fun, classy or vamp look depending on the nail color you choose. Nail polish is not permanent. You can change it up according to your mood. To brighten up your outfit you can apply bright colors with lavish designs or to get a classy and professional look, try the neutral colors which include nudes and baby pink. Deep, dark shades depict the powerful side of you and provide versatility.

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Cute Design services for Acrylic nails – For all nail artists and salons out there

Nail art is all the rage nowadays. It’s the practice of decorating nails with cute & trendy designs and embellishing them with gemstones, glitter and different materials to further brighten up the conventional manicure. Acrylic nails are booming, breaking into fashion and becoming a part of popular culture. It’s more of a goody for women who like to express their personal style through manicures. If you are complete fashion savvy and want to accessorize your outfit by adding a little something extra to it, it’s best if you look for a nail design that matches your overall look and personality. Gone are those days when traditional nail color shades expressed classic feminine maturity. Today, nail art is more of a freestyle artistic creativity. Cosmetic shops are brimming with attention grabbing neon and glittery nail colors and beauty salons are getting popular with providing eye-catching cute design services for acrylic nails and various types of manicures.

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